The Friendchise is for those who...

Long to live with passion and fulfillment.
Dream of unleashing their highest potential into the world.
Realize that knowledge without love is meaningless.

Learn to make money in your sleep.

Fire your boss
and own
your life.

"Impossible is only a word... it doesn't exist in nature."

- Udana Power

The Friendchise Academy is a labor of love.
It's designed to give you the same value you would receive from attending a top business school.

It is priced so anyone can take advantage of the opportunity.
I am forever grateful for the huge way this business transformed my life. This is everything I wish someone had told me when I started on this journey.

One of the best contributions I can give to the world...
is to help others create ease and abundance in their lives. My goal is to mentor 25 million-dollar earners in the next 5 years.

Are you up for the challenge?

"You have created a masterpiece. Amazing!"


"This training will change your life! It absolutely creates results. If you want to make money, this training is ESSENTIAL.

"You've done a tremendous job! It's just WONDERFUL!"

- Ingrid Otteson

- Fran Roades

- Sally Harris

- Dolores Ramsbottom

"I give you nothing unless I give you more of your Self."

- Udana Power

Are you a high-powered entrepreneur who is tired of the corporate grind?

Do you have a great job but would rather work from home?

Are you a top professional who is trading time for dollars?

Are you odd-jobbing month-to-month just to stay afloat?

How would you like more tax deductions... like travel, phones and more?

(That's a big perk with a Home Based Business.)